Thursday, June 16, 2016

It's Easy To Say

After the killings are done, it's easy to say, “We are in solidarity with the victims” and hold “vigils” with candle light. That only makes candles a “hot item.” It does NOTHING to “support” the people who have been murdered by a fool with a gun he bought LEGALLY, obeying all laws, then DISOBEYED all laws when he transported those guns across several states ILLEGALLY, after murdering a woman in his home state. Standing in a “candlelight vigil” does NOTHING to help those murdered. It didn't help the people we “left twisting in the wind” in Benghazi when we COULD have sent people to keep them alive. Like this writer, I'm getting sick and tired of people “mourning together,” holding candles “in memorium,” praying for the victims, and saying, “We feel your pain.” They don't. Only those who were murdered can “feel their pain.” Supporting them is making sure there won't be any more such victims by allowing honest, law-abiding people to have guns and the right to carry them when they go out among other people. We're not all morons, as the anti-gun fools want us to think. We won't “start shooting” at the slightest provocation, and if we do, SOMEBODY in the crowd will put a stop to it. (iPatriot)

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