Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Unanswerable Question

It's a question usually never asked of an anti-gun fool when they screech about making more and better gun laws every time somebody misuses a gun. The question is, “Specifically, what law would have stopped this killing?” This question is now being asked of the anti-gun fools as they clamor for more laws in the wake of the UCLA killing that started in Minnesota, where the killer (now dead) killed a woman whose name appeared on his “kill list.” It's a question they can't answer truthfully, because all the laws they passed in the past have failed to do so. But they persist in making their USELESS “gun laws,” and those laws continue to fail to do ANYTHING about “gun violence.” That's because they target the GUN, not the person HOLDING the gun. They make laws that people with evil intentions IGNORE as a minor irritant when they want to do murder or mass murder. (National Review)

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