Sunday, June 19, 2016

"It Defies Common Sense!"

Obama says, “Arming gays defies common sense.” Right! If you're an anti-gun fool, that is. Law-abiding gays are no different from any other law-abiding person, and have a right to defend themselves as much as anybody. They may now be a “protected class,” but they're just like everybody else in their need to defend themselves. The idea of letting them get guns only “defies common sense” in the fevered brains of anti-gun fools, who don't know what common sense IS. Most liberals deny the very existence of common sense and logic. Obama has an “army” of ARMED men surrounding him everywhere he goes. But he is no more entitled to that than anybody else in this country. That seems to be a “right” he takes for himself, but refuses to allow others to have. It really galls me when politicians like Obama deny us the rights they take for themselves, and say “it defies common sense” to let us arm ourselves when we can't afford armed security to follow us around after making life miserable for the people we will encounter in our travels. (Weasel Zippers)

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