Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Clueless to Conservative

People wonder why actress Stacy Dash has put her acting career in jeopardy by becoming a known conservative in liberal Hollywood. It's a matter of honor to her. In one of the best examples that a conservative if a liberal who has been mugged, she once had to use a gun to protect herself from an ex-boyfriend who liked to beat on her, and found her everywhere she went. So she bought a gun and, when he kicked her door in and attempted to assault her again, she scared the hell out of him by shooting at him as he tried to come up the stairs in her home. He hasn't been seen nor heard from, since. She didn't have a restraining order against him because she probably realized that piece of paper was useless. Her gun was her “restraining order,” and it worked. That experience made her question her former liberal stance, and she is now a proud conservative, even if that stance has cost her some work in liberal Hollywood. She even wrote a book about it. (The Blaze)

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