Sunday, June 26, 2016

Concealed Carriers Can Stop Shootings!

The anti-gun fools tell you confidently that concealed carriers don't stop mass shootings, and they're right, in a way. There are few mass shootings that have been stopped by concealed carriers. That's because most of them that ARE, aren't reported as “mass shootings” BECAUSE they were stopped. The article linked below tells of several potential mass shootings that were stopped by a concealed carrier. Some by shooting and killing or wounding the shooter, others simply by “getting the drop on him” and interfering with his plans. In both cases, mass shootings then didn't ensue, and were not called one. So no statistics can be gained about a mass shooting because it was stopped by a concealed carrier in the crowd.. Anti-gun fools use that fact to their advantage, since it keeps the total NUMBERS of mass shootings down. (Daily Caller)

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