Monday, June 27, 2016

"We're More Equal"

Anti-gun politician Charlie Rangel thinks he's “special.” He inadvertently admitted it when he was asked about that childish “sit-in” in Congress by anti-gun fools that failed, because the “sit-iners” didn't want to miss out on their vacations. Those fools were protected by layer upon layer of ARMED security while they demonstrated to keep the same protection from the average Americans. His reply was priceless: “That's a little different. I think we deserve—I think we need to be protected down here.” Which says emphatically that he thinks they are “special,” in that they “need” protection, and we don't. Such “elite thinking” is rampant in DC. They think they're “special,” because we elected them to BE “special.” They think they're entitled to special privileges, and that idea extends to their “special” health insurance that is superior to everything they offer us “peasants.” And their retirement program, that gives them equal pay to their congressional salary when they leave Congress—for life. Even after only ONE TERM. No barely sufficient Social Security scam for these fools! They didn't contribute ANYTHING, but they're getting “special benefits". And all the laws they make for us, they exempt themselves from. (America's First Freedom)

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