Tuesday, June 14, 2016

That's Not the Point!

As usual, liberal lawmakers miss the point, altogether. On purpose, or otherwise, I can't say. Schumer and Feinstein say that “FBI suspicions should be enough to stop a subject from buying a gun.” WRONG! FBI suspicions alone, should NOT be enough to keep somebody from buying a gun. In the case of the Orlando shooter, it was not just “suspicions,” and should at least put him on a “watch list” so that, when he bought several guns on the same day, they could at least find out why, and maybe intervene before 49 people get killed. They have the power to STOP him from USING those guns if they have a pretty good idea what he wants to do with them. In this case, he had actually been TALKING about his hatred for gays, even though he may have been gay, himself. Sounds as if he may have been mad at himself for BEING gay, and took it out on others. (CNS News)

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