Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Right-Wingers Are Like Terrorists

DHS Director Jeh Johnson says, “Right-wing extremists are as much of a threat as Islamic terrorists.” This horse manure was said with a smug expression on his face at a meeting of the Homeland Security Advisory Committee in Texas. It really amazes me how incompetent politicians and bureaucrats divert attention from their incompetence by blaming blameless people for what they can't seem to control. And nobody calls them on it. Much less our incompetent president, who probably agrees with him. Right-wingers are the :loyal opposition” to the damned fool policies of the liberals currently in charge. And they think, in their incompetence, they can blunt their opposition by making such STUPID comments. Truth is, it is the LEFT-wingers that are the danger. For proof, just look at what they espouse. From thinking all they have to do is ask people not to bring their guns in certain places to keep guns out, to allowing MEN in women's restrooms and changing rooms if they SAY they “see themselves as a woman today.” (Weasel Zippers)

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