Thursday, June 30, 2016

Concealed Carrier Stops Shooting

A concealed carrier stopped a mass shooting at a South Carolina night club, just days after a similar shooting in Orlando that killed 49 people and wounded as many more. Thus proving me right again, when I say that armed concealed carriers in the crowd DO stop such shootings. This guy started shooting because of an argument. But then he began spraying bullets into the crowd. His shooting spree was ENDED abruptly by a concealed carrier in the crowd who shot him. The gun carried by the “mass shooter” was illegally carried, which again proves that all their vaunted anti-gun laws do NOTHING to stop such people from carrying guns. The concealed carrier was meant to be his fourth victim, but he got a bullet, instead. Why the fools who make all those USELESS “gun laws” never see these things, is a mystery. At least, it is to many people. But not to me. They don't care about facts, they just want to disarm us, for their own reasons. (Guns)

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