Sunday, June 30, 2013

Yet Another Gun Story

I don’t know if the incidence of people using legal guns to foil criminals are becoming more, or if they’re just being reported more. What IS happening is that they are appearing more often in places other than the NRA’s “Armed citizen” web site. At one time, I picked up a lot of stories from that web site, but I don’t have to any more. They are sufficiently numerous in general news sites (albeit mostly conservative) that I don’t have to resort to that site any more. This is one such story. Mauricio Esquivel pulled into his driveway and saw a broken window in his house. He got his gun out of his car, pointed it at the burglar and called the cops. For a change they got there quickly ant took Orlando Ortega into custody. At least he was smart enough to surrender when he saw Esquivel’s gun, so he will live to rob again after he gets out of prison in a few years. (The Blaze)

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