Friday, June 28, 2013

Hollywood Loves Guns--for Profit

They HATE guns—if you listen to some of their best-known actors, male and female, most of which employ their own ARMED security, who carry guns. But if you look at the movies they make, those same actors probably spend more time with a gun in their hands than a cop does in his daily work. Maybe they think because those guns only shoot blanks, that’s okay. I guess that represents the level of intelligence of the average liberal Hollywood actor. It really pains me to hear actors talk about how bad guns are while they pay armed security to keep them safe. It’s like talking out of both sides of their mouths. But then, they all live in a world of “make-believe,” so you might be able to “give them a pass” if the subject weren’t so important. I can’t believe NYT actually published this. I guess they figure one article won’t hurt their agenda. (New York Times)

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