Monday, June 10, 2013

Pissant Bastard's Mad

Obama made yet another attempt to pass legislation that will do NOTHING to stop gun violence, but which WILL make it harder for reasonable, HONEST people to get the guns they need to defend themselves against CRIMINALS and crazies who don’t obey ANY laws. And he lost, after he told multiple LIES like the one about 85% of Americans FAVORING a universal  gun registration, which is a list of gun owners that can be used later to CONFISCATE guns when they’re “ready.”. They DO NOT favor it. Only in his TWISTED “studies” does it SEEM like they do. I’ve asked the same question for years of everybody I can think of including "anti-gun" politicians: “What makes ANYBODY think CRIMINALS and crazies will OBEY a law that says they can’t be armed when they don’t obey ANY other laws? NOBODY will give me a credible answer because they can’t.

The “anti-gun Nazis” just call me names and walk away, Other people just ignore the question and change the subject. Why do these FOOLS continue to bring out those old, tired laws they’ve had in their desk drawers for YEARS and try again and again to pass them, taking advantage of today’s calamities? Obama’s former chief of staff (now mayor of his home town (Chicago), which has some of the tightest gun laws, combined with the WORST gun murder rate in the nation), who once famously said, “Never let a good panic go to waste.” Obama and his “gang of thieves” never do. I don’t EVER expect to get an answer to my question because there IS no answer an honest man can give. Obama accuses the NRA of lying when they say gun registry will lead to gun confiscation. That is simply a DIFFERENCE OF OPINION, not a lie. Not like the MANY lies Obama told in his attempt to pass this useless legislation. (Washington Post/Jennifer Rubin)

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