Friday, June 7, 2013

Self-Correcting Problem

Nobody ever said criminals were smart, but most are too smart to try and commit mass murder in a GUN STORE. This guy wasn’t. He came into Don’s Guns in Indianapolis to commit murder and got instantly shot himself. I’ve always said smart criminals never do their thing in a gun store, and this is why. This guy walked in and rented a gun and fired several boxes of bullets. Then he used it on a clerk, who immediately killed him, even as he was, himself, wounded. I don’t know what the shooter was on, but it got him killed. Thus my opinion that you don’t want to try and commit murder in a gun store is proven true. Smart criminals only try mass shootings in places where there are NOT a bunch of armed people around. They stay alive longer themselves that way. Other places where they BAN guns are a much safer environment for would-be mass murderers. (The Indy  Channel)

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