Saturday, June 1, 2013

With or Without Guns

Just as I have been saying all along, the absence of guns makes no difference. If the perp cannot get a gun he will use a knife—or something else to kill people (like a club or his bare hands). A man did this in Texas on a college campus. He used a KNIFE to stab up to 14 people and it’s not yet known if any of them died at this writing). Soon the fools in charge in this country will talk about (and maybe make laws against KNIVES) or, as California used to do (they might still do it, I don’t know) define dangerous weapons as “anything you can point at somebody in such a way as to make them uncomfortable or frighten them.” Under that definition, I would have to register and get a “carry permit for my HANDS, which, according to that law, are a “deadly weapon,” since I was trained in how to KILL somebody with my bare hands. I can LOOK at someone and make them nervous. So maybe I should license my “evil eye.” (Just common sense)

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