Monday, June 17, 2013

They Never Give Up

Many of the recent gun control efforts failed. Why? Because the American people didn’t want them, and Congress recognized that, and voted accordingly. But the Democrats never give up when it comes to IMPOSING upon us things we’re violently opposed to. So they failed. But Democrat Senator Joe Manchin is not giving up. He has VOWED to bring it up again and again until it passes. He doesn’t care if nobody wants it but the “anti-gun freaks” like himself. He’s going to push it until it passes. He says he will “urge senators to read the bill (which is very unusual) and tell me what they don’t like.” If they DID read it, likely the answer would be the WHOLE CONCEPT of the bill that the way to stop gun violence is not to punish USE of guns in crimes, but to punish innocent VICTIMS by disarming them in the face of ILLEGALLY-ARMED criminals. (The Blaze)

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