Thursday, June 6, 2013

Obama: Gun Enemy

Many people think Bush was a bad president; mostly because of the LIES the Democrats told about him. They did the same thing to Sarah Palin before she even had a chance to BE president. A DAY after Obama was re-elected, he signaled his willingness to sign that infamous UN treaty that could STRIP us of our right to self defense and to own and use the means to it, gun ownership. The first step toward a DICTATORSHIP. Step one toward DISMEMBERING our constitutional protections. If he succeeds, then he will go on to the next protection: the right to speak against your government in public with impunity; and we won't be able to do anything because we will have no guns. Meanwhile, blue-helmeted FOREIGN troops will come to your door with their OWN guns to take yours. Since he no longer has to worry about being elected again, he can DO such things. The same idea was “floated” in the Bush administration, but was soundly REJECTED. I have my own problems with George Bush, but all in all, he was NOT a “bad president”—and I DEFY anyone to PROVE to me that he was (Hint: “single-issue” people, don’t even bother).

Many liberals think the important thing about Obama is that “he cares.” He DOESN’T. He cares ONLY about things that advance HIS agenda. Example: the Benghazi massacre being a terrorist action did not advance his agenda so he (and all his lackeys including Susan Rice) lied about it until they could no longer do so. I think one of the things that will destroy this free republic is people who won’t even LOOK at something put out by an outfit with “Freedom” in its name. "The right to control your guns is not open for debate or for negotiation. It is a sovereign right that no foreign organization, including the United Nations has the right or the authority to undertake, just because a president gives the go ahead. When any president decides to destroy the nation’s U.S. Constitutional rights afforded to its citizens, which he has sworn to uphold, he no longer has the authority to represent the nation’s citizens. He must be impeached!" (Freedom Outpost)

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