Thursday, June 13, 2013

Shot Him In the Butt

This homeowner was surprised when his doorbell rang twice and he took his gun with him the second time he opened his door. Good thing, because a robber attacked him as he opened the door, so he shot him in the butt. I guess the attacker thought he was making a “home invasion,” but all he got for his trouble was a bullet where he sits. When the cops (finally) got there, he was found with several wounds, one of them in his sitter. They took him to the hospital and, presumably, he will be charged. I don’t think he will sit down when he goes to court, unless it is a LONG time in the future. I guess he learned a hard lesson: don’t try to invade somebody’s home unless you have determined that he doesn’t have a gun. It could be very painful, in addition to the jail sentence. (The Blaze)

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