Thursday, June 27, 2013

Obama Arms the Beheaders

He’s sending money to the “rebels” in Syria, who (since Islamic extremists took over) BEHEAD their enemies (with a rusty knife) without any sort of trial and throw their headless bodies to their dogs. He’s helping to support barbarians who KILL indiscriminately, rape women while charging THEM with a crime, and BEHEAD people “on camera” for the whole world to see. They have no shame. They think people who do not believe EXACTLY the same way they do can be MURDERED with impunity (and in countries run by Muslims, they can). They think people who convert to another religion likewise can (And should be) MURDERED. In Egypt, where Islamic terrorists who operate the same way, are getting American troops to be “under their command” in “putting down” the demonstrations against the dominance of the Muslim Brotherhood, one of the most deadly bunch of Islamic terrorists going—which Obama will NOT admit. If we keep doing things like this, it won’t be too long before Islamists are BEHEADING American citizens in Kansas City or Chicago and throwing their headless bodies to the dogs.(Political Vel Craft)

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