Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Did Media Black Out NRA?

The National Rifle Association paid a lot of money to sponsor the NASCAR race in Texas, but I can remember only ONE mention of their name during the race. Why is this? It’s an excellent example of the power of the liberal media in all parts of the news. Usually, the name of the sponsor of a race is mentioned many times as a matter of course. But not in this case. Even after paying a lot of money to sponsor the race, their name was studiously IGNORED by people who are usually not “political.” How could that happen? Only if they were ORDERED to ignore the name because the “powers that be” want it that way. It would seem to me that NASCAR would be above such things, but apparently they aren’t. WTF? The NRA should sue NASCAR and make a lot of noise over this to get the media attention they SHOULD have gotten in the race where they PAID for the notice. They SAY that’s in line with how they usually handle sponsored race names, but, having watched EVERY race on TV, I know this to be a lie. And ONE race does not a system make. Auto racing is the ONE sport I like, so I don’t miss many races. (The Blaze)

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