Monday, June 3, 2013

Little By LIttle, On Any Excuse

The “powers that be” (so far, mostly in LIBERAL strongholds like New York) are using ANY excuse they can think of to confiscate (steal) as many guns as they can. They use the mental problems suffered by ex military (in wars THEY started) with NO evidence those problems caused them to become violent, to stop them from owning guns. In New York, they’re taking guns away from ANYBODY who is prescribed “anxiety medication.” What’s next? Anybody who is constipated? Anybody who has gotten mad at ANYBODY, any time in their lives? This is “the camel’s nose in the tent, people! If we don’t stop them, soon the camel will be IN the tent and you’ll be outside, shivering. Criminals will come for your property, bearing ILLEGAL guns, and you’ll have NO means of defense. Every law being passed today “to take guns off the street” takes them way from law-abiding people, not criminals, who don’t OBEY laws, leaving us defenseless. (Fellowship of the Minds)

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