Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fools At Work Again

The fools running the school system and some cops in Logan, WV have gone stupid, just like the fools running schools in several places, and have suspended and arrested an eighth grader over an NRA t-shirt he refused to stop wearing. There’s no law against wearing NRA t-shirts, but they “made up” some charges to lay on him when he wouldn’t stop wearing it. They arrested him for “disturbing the education process (I’d really like to see the LAW for that) and obstructing an officer (who had no need to be there at all).” He not only kept wearing it, but other students wore similar t-shirts in support of him. Basically, the cop arrested him because he wouldn’t shut up, thus “interfering with an officer.” Can cops really come in where they’re not needed and arrest somebody for “interfering” with them? It’s like a cop arresting someone for “resisting an arrest” being the only charge. NO other arrest for anything. How could someone “resist” a non-existing arrest? But then, fools don’t think about that. This is yet another case of “school officials” aided by officious cops, violating a student’s right to express himself by placing specious "charges" against him. I don't know how some of these stupid people sleep at night. (The Blaze)

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