Monday, June 3, 2013

Obama Really Believes It!

He really DOES think if we disarm ourselves, crazy, power-mad dictators like Kim Jong Un or Ahmadinijerk will say to themselves, “Self, if Obama is willing to cut his nukes, maybe we should do so, too.” Obama has shown his abysmal STUPIDITY by just MENTIONING such a thing. People like Kim and Ahmadinijerk are BULLIES. They don’t respect anybody’s “moral rights.” If we disarm ourselves, these CRIMINALS, like ALL criminals, will take advantage of our weakness and take what they want from us, killing us while they do it. I always thought he knew that disarming ourselves was NOT the way to self defense while he disarmed US to keep himself and his thugs safe. But it has become obvious in his handling of the N. Korea-Iran situation, that he is not smart enough. (Patriot Post)

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