Sunday, June 30, 2013

When Are Liberals Going to Wake Up?

Their entire system is against human nature. It guarantees failure in the future. Like their dedication to collectivism (socialism) and their continuing effort to make this into a socialist country. It’s based on the ignorant idea that ONLY the government can run things while the government screws up everything they touch (except raising taxes and conning your way into office). Socialism (in all its forms) involves TAKING from those who EARN and GIVING to those who don’t It “enshrines” mediocrity. It DEPENDS on TAKING the profits EARNED by people. It NEEDS people who earn profits for its very survival. Their position on guns is just as stupid. They try to promote the idea that CRIMINALS, who break laws for a LIVING, will OBEY a law that says they can’t be armed! People who have an unshakable belief in something that can be refuted in ONE SENTENCE aren’t too bright, are they? Or they’d be able to see it for themselves. (Just common sense)

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