Saturday, June 8, 2013

Nothing Would Have Stopped Newtown

Politicians in Washington and in every state are running around like chickens with their heads cut off to pass SOME law so they can convince their constituents that they’re DOING something. But NONE; not a single law that has been passed, or will be in the future (of the kind they're pushing), will do ANYTHING to stop such gun violence because they’re all aiming in the wrong direction. Instead of making laws to punish criminals who USE guns in the commission of a crime, their laws ALL punish people who have never done anything wrong by making it harder for them to have guns to protect themselves. This gives illegally armed criminals a steady stream of UNARMED victims. Violent criminals ALL want gun controls to get tighter because that reduces the number of possible armed potential victims while they get their guns ILLEGALLY. They break laws for a LIVING, so gun laws mean NOTHING to them except to make their crimes easier to commit without danger to themselves. Honest people should start buying their guns illegally, as criminals do, so they’ll be armed when the crooks come calling. (Just common sense)

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