Sunday, June 16, 2013

Incompetent Politicians

I’ve written about this before and I’ll write about it again until people start listening. Not every politician is incompetent, but enough are to create havoc all over the world. That’s why Greece is bankrupt; and why many American cities (including Detroit, Michigan) are broke. It’s why AMERICA is broke. Our incompetent politicians think the way to prosperity is spending money like water. Any individual who lives in the real world could tell them otherwise, but they don’t listen. They think the way to self-defense is to DISARM ourselves. And they don’t believe that just for us; they believe it for themselves, too (except for their own protection from us; for that they keep guns handy). They constantly speak of DISARMAMENT if our enemies would just AGREE to disarm themselves, too. They don’t even CONSIDER making armed crimes rate stiffer punishment, instead of keeping us from being able to defend ourselves, while waiting for people WITH guns to come and protect us (or “write it up” after the crime has occurred and we're hurt or dead).

They say “guns won’t help us” and tell us to call and WAIT while people WITH guns come to defend us AFTER the criminal with his ILLEGAL gun has victimized us. They ARM drug cartels in Mexico and terrorists in Egypt and elsewhere while taking our guns away in America on the thinnest pretexts. They allow Islamic terrorists to come here to settle, hiding among refugees from war-torn nations, most of whom are “war-torn” because of Islamic terrorists. They think profit is unnecessary but have no idea how to MAKE money except to TAX people who DO make a profit. Our current incompetent president denies the very EXISTENCE of Islamic terrorists, while sending his drones out to kill their leaders. I could write BOOK about the irrational ideas and actions of just this ONE politician. But I won’t, because nobody would listen—at least, not enough to matter. I’ve written TWO BOOKS on it (just enter my name in Amazon to find them), but not enough are reading them to make a difference. I’ll keep writing a bout this until I die, whether or not ANYBODY listens. (Just common sense)

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