Thursday, June 20, 2013

NY To Tie Cops' Hands

In New York City (under Mayor Blunderberg), the cops will no longer be able to use a suspect’s race, age, and even gender as an identifier if a bill now in Council passes. Without those identifiers, what’s left? Boy, liberals like Bloomberg sure know how to tie the cops’ hands. Tell me, without those identifiers, how are they going to describe the suspects at all? Talk about incompetent politicians who have NEVER been “in the trenches” making impossible rules for those who are! NYPD Captain’s Endowment Association subsequently ran an ad showing a cop in uniform with a blindfold over his eyes, which pretty much describes how he will have to work if this bill passes. If the mayor finds out who this cop is, no doubt he will either lose his job or be demoted to the lowest rung on the NYPD roster. To my way of thinking, if this bill passes, every cop in NY should resign, en masse. Such rules will get them killed and make their jobs impossible. What kind of damn FOOL is this mayor? I'm glad this fool is in New York, and not where I live! (The Blaze)

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