Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pushing Lies

Liberals spend all their time pushing LIES, and we (not me) believe them. Lies like “corporations are not people” and CRIMINALS, who break laws for a LIVING, will OBAY one that says they can't be armed when we KNOW corporations ARE people. What is it that MAKES UP corporations? Without people there would BE no corporations. They say large corporations want to kill the people who give them the money that keeps them in business. WHY? Do we ever ask the  WHY they think such damnfool things? If we do, they simply promote ANOTHER LIE, that “there are no absolutes.” That very STATEMENT is a “statement of an absolute.” When they SAY there are no absolutes, they want you to believe THAT as an absolute while denying the EXISTENCE of absolutes. They promote so many lies there isn’t room here, or anywhere else to list them all, let alone discuss the reasons they ARE lies, or even keep track of them. Yet they base their entire existence on these lies, and we BELIEVE them. If we (not me) weren’t stupid enough to BELIEVE their obvious lies, they couldn’t exist. Consequently we are “sowing the seeds” of our own destruction. Will people realize that and change? Nope. That would be ADMITTING they are doing something stupid. They’ll die rather than admit that. (Just common sense)

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