Saturday, June 29, 2013

Always Trying

Obama is trying to find out as much about people who own guns and those who FAVOR owning guns as he can, hoping to find SOMETHING to use against those who would oppose him on that sham “gun control” he keeps pushing. We keep telling him what WILL work, but he ignores it and continues the "gun control swindle" he's been pushing for years. “The research agenda is intended to produce mammoth amounts of raw data on American gun owners, users and their circumstances, meaning that violence resulting from firearms use will be studied for “its causes, approaches to interventions that could prevent it, and strategies to minimize its health burden.” He loses in the gun control war, but he NEVER GIVES UP. He figures he will win, eventually, and all he has to do is win ONCE. One of the things he wants to know is where people KEEP guns so when he’s ready, he can confiscate (steal) them. The King of Britain tried that at Lexington and started a WAR that he lost. Will Obama? I can see it coming, and I welcome it. (Fox News)

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