Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The "New World Order"

That is something that was only whispered about when I came to my majority in the late fifties. To be exposed as being a person who FAVORED it was to be RUINED in politics—and sometimes in business, as well. Today, politicians OPENLY talk about “working toward a new world order.” The first President Bush called it openly “our fifth objective.” Vice President Joe Biden said, “The task we have now is to actually create a new world order.” But what they DON’T say is that a “new world order” means COMMUNISM; something most people growing up today know nothing about and don’t even realize how dangerous that is. Communism is what RUINED Russia. Admittedly what they had before wasn’t all that great, but a real examination will tell you it was STILL better. Communism (and all other forms of collectivism) has FAILED everywhere it has been tried, eventually; After all the money STOLEN from citizens of other countries that is used to “prop up” FAILING collectivist (communist) governments runs out.

My advice to kids today becoming adults is to research communism and what it did to Russia. The millions of people it MURDERED to stay in power until it ran out of its people’s money. Progressivism is another word for communism. It is an insidious cancer on the world, and America is in the process of “catching” it. It is growing like a cancerous tumor and must be “cut out” before it kills us. Socialism is a paler form of communism and IT is growing, too. If it wins, communism will be the later result. I can’t understand the APPEAL for collectivism in today’s world, except for the “promise” of a “free ride” to all who wish it to those who just are too lazy to take care of themselves—and the number of those people voting is increasing apace. And they ARE voting. The evidence is the re-election of Barack Obama, something I consider to be one of the WORST moves this country (not me) has ever made.

My sister didn’t even know what socialism WAS, until I explained it to her. Now she is one of the most ardent foes of socialism on the planet. We need to bring this knowledge to more emerging adults before it is too late. Informing these youngsters is the most important thing you will ever do. If you do not, you will suffer one day under the same thing that inflicted the people who lived for 70 some years under the Soviet Union. Don’t let it happen. I won’t care for myself. I’ll be six feet under. But I sorrow for my descendants, who will have to live under communism, whatever they call it. This item began as a short item for “Ray’s Shorts,” as do many of the posts for this blog do. But somehow I just can’t stop writing, in hopes of convincing SOMEBODY that we live in a dangerous age and are (not me) bringing it on ourselves, as usual. The “Ray’s Shorts” blog is confined to SHORT items of (my) opinion so this had to be moved. I’m thankful I HAVE this one for this purpose, if nothing else. (Just common sense)

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