Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It's NOT the Damned Guns!

I’m really getting tired of our incompetent politicians, the anti-gun fanatics, and the liberal media taking about banning guns to “stop gun violence.” It won’t work! People bent on doing violence with a gun WILL get their guns, no matter how tight gun laws are. They prove that at every turn. Each and every “successful” instance of gun violence has taken place where the anti-gun laws are tight. Laws against gun ownership only keep HONEST people from having guns for self-defense and provide criminals with a steady stream of unarmed victims. They do NOTHING to prevent people bent on violence from getting their guns. They just go out and find somebody in a back alley somewhere and buy the gun out of some guy’s car trunk at inflated prices. The article linked here says that 90% of the people favor tighter gun laws. I don’t buy that for a second. You can make “studies” say anything you want, and I think this one (like most) is rigged.

One case involved a drunk with a gun shooting his BROTHER after an argument. I think BOOZE is at much more fault than a gun. Sober people don’t allow a simple argument to escalate into gun violence. But then, our incompetent politicians will twist ANY situation to prove their thesis. The only UNSUCCESSFUL mass shooting lately happened in a GUN STORE, where the would-be killer was made to look like “Swiss cheese” by other people in the store when he shot a clerk. Most would-be killers don’t do their crimes where guns in the hands of their intended victims might be a problem for the killer; and for good reason. (Mail.com)

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