Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Surprise! The Sun Will Rise!

The Mail.com reports on the NRA convention, noting that the new president (James Porter, attorney and son of a former NRA president) “came out swinging” and “fanned the flames of an emotionally combustible debate.” The article says that, “The NRA finds itself in a national fight over gun control in Washington, DC.” Oh, Really? Isn’t that something they have been in the middle of for years? Isn’t that their JOB? The article reports that, “Porter has called Obama a ‘fake president” and AG Holder as ‘unAmerican’.” As if he were wrong. Clue, people: he’s RIGHT. Yes, he also calls the Revolutionary War “the war of northern aggression,” which shows he’s a “southerner.” So what? You can’t be right on everything, but two out of three isn’t bad. He called for training every American in the use of standard military firearms so they could defend themselves, even against an “out-of-control government,” which we are rapidly gaining. I’m happy to see the NRA realizing that the right to wn guns is NOT just about hunting and shooting sports.

It’s MOSTLY about SELF-DEFENSE, even from the GOVERNMENT, if necessary. That’s not a radical position; it’s merely COMMON SENSE. It’s only radical to liberal FOOLS who think we can achieve self-defense by DISARMING ourselves in the face of an ARMED enemy. Josh Horwiz, a top “anti-gun freak,” says, “Porter as president pulls the NRA further into the extremist camp and they have gone full crazy.” This from Horwitz is a high compliment (he didn't intend it that way), It shows how much Porter frightens him and other anti-gun fools. I’d say Porter is a good choice. People thought Keene was a weak president. They are right, and his policies caused me to move AWAY from the NRA. Now, maybe I can support the NRA if Porter's policies live up to the billings.  (Mail.com)

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