Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gun-Free Zones

Mass murderers have many things in common, but one glaring one is that they ALWAYS go to “gun-free zones.” That’s because they KNOW there is a great possibility that there will be no one here who can oppose them with their own guns so they can kill whomever they wish with impunity. I know of only one case where a would-be shooter in Indianapolis went into a gun store and shot a clerk, but I can’s ask him about it because he’s dead. Everybody in the store (all of whom were armed) got at least one bullet in him. When they took him out of the store in a “body bag,” he looked a lot like Swiss cheese. So why do lour politicians keep making “gun-free zones?” Because they’re incompetent and too ignorant to know it. Politicians like this are afflicted with two well-known afflictions, arrogance coupled with ignorance. Why do we keep electing such people to office? Because many of US are ignorant. Some only want a “free ride” and don’t care what kind of people they must elect in order to maintain it. That’s why Obama got his second term against all odds. (Just common sense)

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