Sunday, June 9, 2013

Liar Lies About Being Lied To

The next day after the Congress “got a backbone” and rejected his fool gun control legislation, Obama went right to the rose Garden and whined and bitched and groaned about it, saying the Congress was manipulated and lied to by the “right” and needed to be “bypassed.” Of course, “bypassing” Congress is illegal and unconstitutional, but Obama has never cared about that. He bypasses Congress all the time. He “lied through his teeth” in that speech (just like all his other speeches). Especially when he said “90% of Americans are FOR universal background checks.” He calls those laws that were not passed, “common sense compromise that didn’t infringe on our Second Amendment rights.” (That’s ANOTHER lie). He used Gabby Giffords (a Democrat) and Sandy Hook families as “props” in this speech, He said people lied about this bill, (which they DIDN’T). The only one LYING about this bill is Obama. The Bill of Rights was upheld when this legislation was rejected. You can’t stand a free people telling you to “go to hell” with your useless legislation that did nothing but take our rights away from us. If you ever come up with some REAL legislation (doubtful), maybe we’ll listen to you. Legislation such as you present will NEVER do anything to stop criminal gun violence. All it will do is give CRIMINALS a steady stream of UNARMED victims.  (The Right Planet)

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