Monday, June 10, 2013

More Proof We Need to Defund the UN

Because there are many people who SHOULD be smarter than this getting paid to be “advisors” who have such STUPID theories, and vent them all the time. This guy is a “professor emeritus” at Princeton University, which usually would mean he is “smarter than the average bear,” but in this case it does not. Moreover, he is a member of the UN Human Rights Council. Unfortunately, there are MANY such professors teaching our impressionable youngsters such stupidities and "advising" the UN.. No WONDER our kids are spouting such nonsense themselves. the UN is being RUN by socialist DICTATORS and is not the kind of organization that should be allowed to change ONE IOTA of our policies. They should be SHUT DOWN in this country and not allowed to begin elsewhere with ANY of our money. But if liberals are allowed to continue to run things here, they will continue. They are doing the liberals' work. Falk should be REMOVED from the UN Human Rights Council and as a "professor emeritus" at Princeton because his views are not representative of their views; or are they? (Free Republic)

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