Saturday, June 8, 2013

Typical Liberal Response

BAN IT! It doesn’t matter if it is usually a valuable piece of normal, everyday equipment; if it was used to do violence, blame IT and ban it: “In the WRONG HANDS these things can be EXTREMELY DANGEROUS and we as a society simply cannot afford to have pressure cookers out there that are completely uncontrolled. We are talking about some common sense laws. First, most people do not need high capacity pressure cookers. Limiting pressure cookers to a quart will make society safer. In addition, with all the documented instances of pressure cookers being used to construct explosive devices (I think), and in light of the numbers of killed and injured, two things are clear: pressure cookers are lethal and we are in the midst of a pressure cooker violence epidemic. There is no need for pressure cooker nuts to run around with their pressure cookers without any regulation and oversight. Mandatory mental health evaluations and federal background checks will help to ensure that a pressure cooker doesn't fall in the wrong hands.

Should people convicted of felonies and domestic violence misdemeanors be banned from owning pressure cookers? ABSOLUTELY! Even if it saves just one life, it's worth it. How about that soccer mom? Well, it depends. What if she loves soccer but hates America? Do you REALLY want THAT soccer mom to have unfettered access to something so potentially deadly?” Of course, it the item is something they, themselves USE every day, they conveniently ignore the deaths it causes; such as the automobile. This item actually APPEARED on CNN and got 2.400 “likes, vs. just 250 “dislikes.” This item was obviously (to intelligent people) satire, but way too few liberals recognized it as such (not being intelligent). In retrospect, after seeing what their friends SERIOUSLY said about it, they deny they were serious. But knowing liberals like I do, I think most of the “likes” meant they agreed with the concept of BANNING pressure cookers. You can see most of the ignorant anti-gun arguments in this item so liberals respond in a “knee-jerk” response. (Just common sense)

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