Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Call People With Guns

What do you do when a crazed gunman carrying an illegal gun starts shooting at you in a public place? Why, call someone who HAS guns and HOPE they get there in time to take down the crazed gunman before he kills you. While you’re waiting, HIDE. That’s the fallacy in what the politicians tell us while they make all kinds of laws to keep us from being able to defend OURSELVES. In this case, like all the others, ONE PERSON with his own gun and the will to use it could have saved at least the last three people shot from BEING shot. Fortunately, the “people with guns” they called (the cops) got there in time to limit this crazed shooter’s victims to four. But way too often, they don’t. Someone with a gun who is ALREADY THERE would be better, but our incompetent politicians never listen to reason. Some even deny the EXISTENCE of reason and logic—which demonstrates their ignorance. (The Blaze)

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