Friday, June 7, 2013

Committing National Suicide

I can’t believe we did it. I didn’t think the American people were THAT stupid. We committed national suicide in the 2012 election and I know why. It was that 49% on the dole who would NEVER vote for somebody who would not “keep the goodies coming.” That’s why Democrats got so upset when they heard Romney actually SAY it. They were sorely worried that the rest of America would realize that there are enough AMERICANS so willing to be “kept” that they would re-elect a PROVEN incompetent to the presidency so he would “keep them in a style to which they have become accustomed (at least as long as they lived).” It’s going to happen, people! We are GOING to become a “socialist state” defenseless against the rest of the world as Obama and his crowd destroys our national defense and uses the money to prop up his “”giveaway programs.” If this sounds like “sour grapes,” maybe it is. We’re DOOMED to see Obama’s face everywhere we look and hear his voice on his captive media everywhere AGAIN for the next four years (again) and maybe longer.

But worse, we have given him the right to “finish what he started” in the next four years. He will continue in his effort to BANKRUPT the coal business), which will ALSO destroy the energy business and we will be plunged into darkness—LITERALLY, not figuratively. He will finish moving this country to socialism, which is just a little way from the COMMUNISM that destroyed Russia. He promised to “kill off” the oil business and he is well on his way to accomplishing that with his restrictive “regulations,” his continuing to BAN drilling on federal property ANYWHERE, his attempts to stop “fracking” and his refusal to allow the Canadian oil pipeline. Another four years with Obama in charge is one of the WORST things that can be visited upon us. While he’s “finishing what he started,” I will continue to try and convince myself “It isn’t that bad,” when it IS. I just hope the country survives him in some way. (Just common sense)

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