Sunday, June 2, 2013

An Impeachable Offense

Obama is prompting the Congress (the Senate) into having an “up of down vote” on changing the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. That is NOT possible. You don’t change the Constitution by a simple up or down vote, and to even SUGGEST it is an IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE! If the Congress does this and the president signs it, ALL who vote to change the Constitution should be IMPEACHED and removed from office for MALFEASANCE. Radio host Mark Levin rightly “goes nuclear” on it. If they attempt to ENFORCE it, Obama should be shot (legally). The U. S. Marshal Service should arrest him and imprison him, and, upon conviction, execute him. And they should do the same to EVERY member of Congress that votes FOR it. SOMEBODY needs to “rein in” this FOOL before he completes his plans for the DESTRUCTION of America as we know it. I know Obama will TWIST what I said here and make it look like a “death threat” to the president. That’s how he operates with his critics; NEVER answer them, discredit them and attack them. I look for some of his THUGS to “burst in my door” soon after this appears and his thugs read it on my blog. But SOMEBODY has to have the “intestinal fortitude” to DO something about his CRIMES, and if I’m the only one besides Levin, so be it. (Mark Levin)

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