Saturday, June 15, 2013

Gun Ownership Is Best

More proof that gun ownership is best. This “little old lady” would have been defenseless as a man worked to break into her home while she begged the 911 dispatcher to get the police to her home as she watched him working to break in. Soon he was opening her door and no cops in sight. So she took a shot at him with her .357 Magnum as he started in her door and he fled in surprise. He didn’t expect her to be armed. Criminals usually don’t expect their potential victims to be armed, due to the efficiency of the government’s efforts to DISARM the populace and create more and more unarmed and therefore defenseless victims for them to victimize. It didn’t work in this case as she fired one shot from her .357 Magnum. His pants are probably still full and he may still be running, leaving a brown trail. (

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