Monday, September 7, 2015

Wrong--As Usual

In the Billings Gazette, they pretend to have the “solution” for “gun violence.” That ain't what it is. Their “list” is just a mish-mash of old, “used and abused” methods that have been PROVED not to work. Here it is: “Steps: 1) Increase surveillance data: Track gun related death data from every state through the National Violent Death Reporting System. 2) Expand gun violence research: Use NVDRS and the CDC. 3) Ban public use of assault weapons and large-capacity magazines. 4) Restrict certain violent movies. 5) Establish stringent background checks. 6) Close gun show loopholes. 7) Consider feasibility of licensing. 8) Publicize national mental health risk indicators: Help identify early individual mental aberrations and advise how to handle and report.” Everything listed has already been tried, somewhere—and FAILED to do ANYTHING about ILLEGAL guns in the hands of criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists.(Billings Gazette)

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