Friday, September 11, 2015

Criminal's Guns Illegal

Surprise, surprise! They had a “study” that “discovered” that the vast majority of guns used in crimes are NOT gotten legally. They needed a “study” to find THAT out? I'm just an old man in front of a computer and I knew that. I've been telling them that for years. That this fact means none of their vaunted “gun laws” are going to stop, or even slow down “gun violence.” People who want commit major crimes aren't a bit worried about their piddling little gun laws that say they can't have a gun. They have a good laugh at that. Gun grabbers SAY all they want is “common sense gun laws,” but they're lying. The laws they support are FAR from “common sense.” What they do accomplish is to DISARM honest people (but not criminals) to make them “easy pickings” for illegally-armed criminals. What they also do (and this is more important) they make them “soft targets” for federal agents who come to take what doesn't belong to them under the RICO laws. Laws that allow them to take property by just “declaring it” to be “probably illegally gained.” They even have sensors to "read" how much money you have in your pocket as you walk by to see if you're worth their time to rob. (Bearing Arms)

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