Tuesday, September 8, 2015

They Knew In Advance

James Holmes, the Aurora (CO) theater killer, “wanted to kill as many people as he could, to avenge his inability to do well in school.: He told a school psychologist that, in so many words. Since he/she is obligated to tell about a possible threat revealed to him/her in session, he told his superiors, and they acted: they took away Holmes' school ID card (or some such). Nothing else. Then Holmes sent this worker his “diary,” which outlined, in detail, what he had planned. Still no action. Then, Holmes opened fire in a crowded theater and killed 12 people, injuring many others. THEN they acted. They “cleaned up the scene,” documented the crime, and tried him for multiple murder. He has been convicted and bow gets a lifetime of free rent and free food. The 12 people he killed are still dead. If just ONE PERSON had had a gun and was able to “take him out” in the first couple if minutes of his “shooting spree” (in a gun-free zone, where all such shootings occur), maybe some of those 12 people would not have had to die. But, NO! The politicians blame the gun, not Holmes OR that social worker, and still think they can stop people like him from getting their guns by passing a law. Tell me: if you were contemplating mass murder, would you worry about a dinky little law that says you can't have a gun, or bring it into a theater? (Denver Post)

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