Tuesday, September 1, 2015

"Keep Crazies From Guns"

That's what the father of the TV reporter killed on the air now is saying. Unfortunately, the kind of gun laws they're pushing AREN'T “reasonable.” They're Unreasonable. They simply disarm honest people. He says we need to “keep crazy people from getting guns.” The question is, “How do you do that?” The guy who shot those TV people was not KNOWN to be crazy, so such laws would not have stopped him, nor even slowed him down. It's easy to SAY “make reasonable gun laws,” but not as easy to DO it. What is it with the relatives of gun victims that makes them automatically think that the laws ALREADY IN FORCE can stop criminals and crazies from getting guns? Because the “gun-grabbers” tell them so? The “Brady Bunch,” for instance: Just because Jim Brady was killed (eventually) when that fool shot Reagan doesn't mean the laws they push are GOING TO stop “bad guys” from getting guns. NOTHING is going to do that. The only answer is arming honest people so they can defend THEMSELVES. The cops can't be everywhere, so we must arm as many honest people as possible. (Apparently he believes that, because he is arming himself) The criminals get their guns, anyway, so we won't be doing ANYTHING to help them do so. But when more of them meet their END while trying to victimize others, that just might convince some of them to go into other lines of work. Tell me if I'm wrong. And when you do, tell me just HOW I'm wrong. And what I can do that's RIGHT. If you CAN. (Just common sense)

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