Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Why Wait for the Cops?

In this case, it took EIGHT MINUTES for the cops to finally arrive. They must have decided to finish their coffee and donuts before responding. At the best of times—even if it takes them maybe THREE MINUTES, that's too long. The bad guy will have done his “dirty work” and will have gone. All that will be left for the cops is to “clean up the scene” and prepare to prosecute the criminal (maybe the killer) later—IF they actually catch up to him/her. And unfortunately, in too many cases, they never do. Anti-gun fools seem to think that ALL guns are simply used to kill honest people, never for self-defense from those with ILLEGAL guns. They seem to think (also falsely) that the cops can actually protect us when they usually only arrive long after the crime has been committed. I have a lot of respect for cops (though it might not sound like it), but the truth is, they can't be everywhere when a crime is committed. In some cases though, they take an inordinate amount of time to arrive.

So how CAN they “protect us?” All they can do is punish the evil-doers—in SOME cases. If the crime is murder, the victim is still dead. In Grant's Pass, OR, Charles Bruckman wasn't willing to docilely wait until the cops made their apparently leisurely trip to his house while a criminal prowled around the outside of his house, looking for a way in. He got his gun and waited. He did not “pursue” the criminal. But when the criminal threw his weight against a glass sliding door Charles, fearing he might break through, fired two shots through the door. The crook ran toward his children's room—bad idea. Fearing for his children's safety, Charles put six more into him, killing him. So much for the cops and their ability to “protect” us. If he hadn't had his gun (legal, of course) nothing good would have happened. He did, and thus was able to defend himself and his family. Obama and the rest of the government want to prevent that. Ask yourself—why is that? (The Right to Bear)

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