Thursday, September 3, 2015

More Guns, Crime Falls

It's predictable. But not to the “anti-gun fools.” all they want is to DISARM all America, for their own reasons, no matter what excuses they use. They care not for statistics that show their theories to be bogus. They just ignore them and cite their phony “statistics” that purport to show that the more guns there are out there, the more crime. And that is PATENTLY FALSE. REAL statistics show that, as gun ownership grows, crime REDUCES. If that's because of criminals being scared to act, in case they, themselves might become gun victims, or because lots of criminals HAVE become gun victims, I don't know. I only know that, as Americans buy 170 million new guns, crime has FALLEN 51%! And that's according to the government's own “Congressional Research Service” study that ended in 2009. Don't listen to the horse manure put out by the “gun-grabbers.” It is FALSE. (Breitbart)

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