Thursday, September 10, 2015

"Ban Guns, No Suicides"

That's what the gun-grabbers say. No, uh, stuff. Liberals really believe this stuff. Apparently they've never heard about an empty sleeping pill bottle next to a corpse, or a dead body with his/her wrists cut wide open. Or somebody who points what looks like a gun at a cop, figuring the cop will commit his suicide for him. It is this kind of fool who is responsible for all the STUPID “gun laws” we have now, that do nothing more than make us defenseless victims of ILLEGALLY armed criminals. Most “mass shooters” got their guns illegally, and those that got them legally PROVE how useless the current crop of “gun laws” really are. I have yet to see anything that WILL work except one that allows honest, reliable people (who CAN be trusted not to “go wild” with their guns) to have their own guns to defend themselves from the many criminals who are not. Gun-grabbers laugh at that suggestion, but they have nothing to replace it that will WORK. (Just common sense)

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