Saturday, September 19, 2015

We Won, Again

A federal court “took a little nibble” into Washington, DC's silly anti-gun laws that don't do a thing to stop gun violence, but increases it, instead, by disarming their potential victims, making them “easy targets.” Little by little, the courts are taking their stupid laws apart, as they should be. If the trend continues, maybe we'll get back to what the Second Amendment intended, citizen's free access to the tools for self defense, a gun, Liberals talk about ”gunfights in the streets” if that happens. Maybe that's what we need: a few gunfights between honest citizens and ILLEGALLY-armed criminals. That would certainly get a bunch of criminals “off the streets” and onto a slab at the morgue. That's one way to reduce violent crime: get rid of violent criminals. We need to “kill off” a few—or more than a few. We need to make armed criminals VERY nervous, not knowing if his intended victim might be armed and well-able to put an END to him. That way, they would decide to go into a less dangerous line of “work.” (Hot Air)

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