Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Incompetent Governor

And, of course, it's a Democrat governor! Martin O'Malley, Democrat former governor of Maryland, now running for president with NO chance of winning, is “fed up with gun violence.” So he wants to raise the age where a man can own a gun to 21. Uh....governor....you already HAVE a law that does that, and so do most other states. Not only that, there's a FEDERAL LAW that says you can't sell a gun, OR ammunition to a minor. It might pay you to do a little research before you act, gov. Of course, along with that, he's looking at the usual bunch of USELESS laws about controlling gun storage, expanding background checks, and the like. He says it's because of the “increasing gun violence.” apparently he doesn't know that gun violence is GOING DOWN as more and more states pass REAL gun laws that allow honest people to have their own guns for self defense, instead of ones that DISARM honest people while criminals, gang members (a repetition, that), and terrorists have no trouble getting their guns illegally. Most gang members are underage, but they ALL carry guns and kill people at the drop of a hat. And sometimes they drop the hat. If we had some COMPETENT politicians in office, maybe we could DO something about that. But not as long as we (not me) keep electing Bozos like O'Malley. (Town Hall)

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