Thursday, September 3, 2015

Are Cops the Bad Guys?

Not a chance. Sure, there may be one or two instances of a cop exceeding his/her authority and killing somebody when it didn't need to happen. But that doesn't mean ALL cops are bad. Cops save lives every day; both black and white lives. That's their JOB. The people who want to kill cops because they kill a few of their friends just don't want to believe their friends are mostly committing crimes when they get shot. They think if they can kill enough cops, they'll be safe in their own criminal enterprises. It ain't agonna happen, folks! The more cops you kill, the quicker cops are going to be to shoot, and you will have created a “self-fulfilling prophecy.” Mostly they have NOT been killing black men in inordinate numbers. In fact, they kill more white men than black men, both of whom are mostly committing crimes at the time. Since the “war on cops” has been declared, crime predictably has gone up to record numbers, as people stop cooperating with cops. And without the cops, we have chaos, in which more and more people will die—not at the hands of cops, but at the hands of CRIMINALS, who will be “running wild.” (Gun Nuts)

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