Tuesday, September 15, 2015

But They Will

It is said that even the most virulent gun-haters cannot argue with this man's reason to buy a gun, but they will. They don't care about his safety. All they care about is making more and more honest people “sitting ducks” for armed criminals, gang members, and Islamic terrorists. Harvey Lembo was robbed FIVE TIMES, so he went out and bought a gun, since he was tired of being victimized. Just hours later a burglar broke into his house, and ignored orders to sit still until the cops came. So Lembo shot him in the shoulder. He decided to obey. Just goes to show ya, “don't mess with old folks.” You never know what tricks they have up their sleeves. Now if he had been a batter shot, there'd be one less burglar left. Maybe he'll get another chance to correct his aim, if the guy decides to come after him when he gets out of jail, which will probably be soon, if I know my “criminal justice system” today.(Second Amendment Insider)

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